The Live Minstrels

The Live Minstrels

Sir Ian of Churchward: Vocals and Guitar


Sir Ian: Vocals and Guitar
Earl Robert Shroud:  Lead Guitar or Lord Zarquon: keyboards
(With possible special appearances of 
Lady CamillaLady Elaine or Lady Pippa)

Almost Acoustic: 
Sir Ian: Vocals and Guitar,
Earl Robert Shroud:  Lead Guitar
The Lord Zarquon: Keyboards 
(With possible appearances of Lady CamillaLady Elaine, Lady Pippa or Earl Clifford)

New for 2017

Full Band  
Sir Ian of Churchward: Vocals and Guitar
Earl Robert of the Shroud: Lead Guitar 
The Lord Zarquon: Keyboards  
Earl Dave of Clifford: Bass 

(With possible appearances on vocals of Lady Camilla, Lady Elaine and Lady Pippa)

Above is the Almost Acoustic live band featuring Lady Pippa on backing Vocals.

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