Sir Ian with The Harrington reenactment group at Bosworth August 2018

We are currently recording our latest album for the Mortimer History Society 

Lady Fleur in session

Lady Jules Jones recording some vocals in Rocklea Studio

The Mortimers were warlike, ambitious and powerful, and bestrode the medieval stage. Inextricably linked with the great events of their time, their story is the tale of a turbulent England racked with dissension, rebellion and open warfare at home and abroad. To read more about this amazing family visit the Mortimer History Society

The Story of the Mortimers in Music

For our tenth anniversary the English folk rock group Legendary Ten Seconds are producing a Mortimer- themed CD and this is your opportunity to write a poem or song for it. They have already recorded five albums telling the story of Richard III and the Wars of the Roses and Ian Churchward, the main vocalist, has started writing and recording songs for the Mortimer CD. However he will welcome contributions of poems or songs from MHS members. He may have to adapt words and some may not be used, but the writers of the three he ranks as the best will receive free copies of the CD. Entries should be sent to Philip Hume 

AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes click here

The Legendary 10 Seconds have released a new re mixed version of White Surrey it is available from iTunes click here

Lord Zarquon a star :-)  of The Mid Devon Advertiser after The Legendary 10 Seconds, successful appearance at 2017 The Summer Moon Festival. 

Scoliosis logo horizontal medium res

Using the profits from the CD sales The Legendary 10 Seconds are proud to have donated £900 to the scoliosis charity.


NOW AVAILABLE on CDBaby click here to buy

Sir Ian has written a book. Click on book image to see or buy

Ian's book cover

We are pleased to welcome Lord Clifford of Devon who will be joining us on Bass Guitar in both the acoustic and almost acoustic line ups.

Coming soon: We are also working in a full live band featuring Bass and Drums

Sunnes and Roses our fourth album from the life and time of Richard III is well underway :-)

The Legendary 10 Seconds in America check out some images in the gallery

The Legendary Ten Secs in Denver 2016

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