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26th June 2022

26th June 2022

In last week's blog I wrote about the very engaging talk that I enjoyed at the Palace theatre in Paignton. I have now composed the music for the lyrics that I wrote about it and I have started to record this song. I probably now need to ask Lord Zarquon if he can finish and master this new tune as I would like to include it in the Sagas of the South West music project.

19th June 2022

19th June 2022

I went to a very interesting lecture given by Kate Werran and her father at the Palace theatre in Paignton on Thursday morning. This was about a confrontation between a company of USA soldiers and military police in the town centre of Launceston, Cornwall in September 1943. Guns were fired and apparently there are still some bullet holes in one of the buildings over looking the war memorial. This was due to the racial intolerance of the USA military. I had never heard about this and I found it to be particularly interesting because my mother was born in Launceston and I have visited this town on numerous occasions. In fact I was there for a brief visit last month. What was also very interesting is that the subsequent court martial took place in a building in Paignton which is almost next door to the theatre where the lecture was given. I would like to write a song about it for one of my albums. I have written some lyrics but so far there is no tune. 

Fact is stranger than fiction

Often this is true

A strange shoot out in Launceston

During World War Two

In the town there was a mutiny

One evening in nineteen forty three

They tried to keep a tight lid on the case

Without mentioning colour or race

Fact is stranger than fiction

What followed was front page news

A court martial in Paignton

That the underdogs would lose

This is forgotten history

When we were fighting for liberty

The segregation of black and white

Led to a protest one Autumn night

There was racial intolerance in the USA military

For the English reporters this was plain to see

Fact is stranger than fiction

It was in the town square 

As a boy Kate's father heard about

What had happened there.

12th June 2022

12th June 2022

I was inspired to write a new song after watching the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations on TV. The aeroplane formation that displayed 70 in the sky over Buckingham Palace was particularly impressive. Last Sunday Ashley Dyer visited me and I recorded him playing his trumpet on this new song. I also recorded his trumpet playing for my 'Rumours of War' song, and my version of the traditional folk song called 'The Keeper Did A Hunting Go'. Finally I recorded him playing some trumpet on a new version of one of my old songs called 'You Sang'.

Platinum Jubilee

It's the Queen's jubilee

Celebrate so joyfully

Seventy years on the throne

Such a long reign that we have known

Seventy years in the sky

See the red arrows fly

It's her platinum jubilee

Celebrate so joyfully

Seventy years on the throne

Such a long reign that we have known

Seventy years in the sky

See the old Lancaster fly

The mayor of London is so proud

To hear the bells ring out so loud

Union jacks are on display

With such joy throughout the day

It's the Queen's jubilee

Celebrate so joyfully

Seventy years on the throne

Such a long reign that we have known

Seventy years in the sky

See the Spitfire fighters fly

5th June 2022

5th June 2022

The Time Stream song has been included on several radio shows recently. Here is a link to a Mexican podcast that included the song for it's 28th May 2022 show. You can hear the song 19 minutes and 50 seconds from the end of the podcast:-


29th May 2022

29th May 2022

I was very pleased with how my songs sounded at the Babbacombe theatre on Friday. The images in the slideshows for the songs also looked very good on the big screen. I felt that my songs fitted in well with David Scott's excellent lecture about Torquay during WW1 and WW2. It was very nice to see my old friend Robert Frazer there as he has moved back to Torquay after retiring from working in London. My friends Phil Helmore and Jerry Brimicombe were also there. It was quite interesting to see Jerry's old house in Paignton in one of the videos of the Rich and the Pure about Torquay during the Victorian era. Afterwards I had a mango sorbet on Babbacombe Downs with Jerry who had a banana ice cream.

Here is a link to a webpage with information about the Rich and the Pure:-


22nd May 2022

22nd May 2022

My friend Phil Swann has given me a nice mention on his new website. Here is a link to it:-


And here is a link to one of his songs which is being sung by Jules Jones


15th May 2022

15th May 2022

I have now uploaded the Time Stream song onto Soundcloud and Bandcamp



A Richard the Third Records release, May 2022

Jay Brown vocals, rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards

Ian Churchward guitar solo and keyboards

Lord Zarquon keyboards, drums and mixing

Composed by Jay Brown and Ian Churchward

Recorded in Torquay and Marldon in Devon

8th May 2022

8th May 2022

The Daily Exodus song about Plymouth during WW2 has been included on the Acoustic Routes radio show number 396. The song is on the Songs About Devon album and it was also included in the latest FATEA show case album. You should be able to hear the song about 37 minutes into the Acoustic Routes show number 396


1st May 2022

1st May 2022

Graham Moores visited on Tuesday. He has been digitising my collection of cassettes of various Torbay bands that I recorded, mainly during the early 1980s. He has also digitised several of my Chapter 29 rehearsal recordings. I gave him another batch of cassettes on Tuesday and I also found my copies of the Popular Obscurities SWIM magazine. He has borrowed these magazines as he is in the process of making a Pop Obs CD and the articles in the magazines will help him to complete the details of the booklet notes for the CD. In one copy of SWIM there is a list of singers and musicians of the various Torbay bands that were part of Popular Obscurities.

24th April 2022

24th April 2022

On Thursday I received a couple of photos from my friend June who lives in Teignmouth. I worked with her for a couple of years at WH Smith when it was located in Fleet Street in Torquay. The photos were taken when we took part in a WH Smith sponsored walk in October 1979, from the shop, where we worked in Torquay to Penn Inn roundabout at Newton Abbot and then back to the shop in Torquay. This was for a policeman who had been killed trying to stop a burglary at the WH Smith store in Trowbridge.

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