10th November 2019

10th November 2019

I have made some good progress with the recording of my Fastest Own Goal song. I have recorded the rhythm guitar, lead vocal and Guy Bolt singing a harmony vocal on the chorus. Lord Z has created another masterpiece out of a song called Teign Valley. The music for this song was composed by Phil Swann and I wrote the lyrics. There are in fact two masterpieces as there is also an instrumental version of the song.

Recording Guy singing the harmony vocal on the Fastest Own Goal

Graham Moores has been exchanging emails with me on a fairly regular basis recently and he tells me that he has made good progress with the Thrilling Blunder Stories album artwork. I have been working on some guitar parts for one of his instrumentals and I spent most of Tuesday afternoon doing this.

On a less happy note I have been kicked out of Facebook. I think that my Facebook account was hacked but it doesn't look like a straight forward process to get myself reinstated on Facebook. My main concern is the Facebook pages for the Legendary Ten Seconds and Richard the Third Records which I use to promote my music, so I am not sure what to do about this at the moment.

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