11th August 2019

11th August 2019

I've been rehearsing some of my songs with Phil Swann once a week on a fairly regular basis so far this summer. To be honest if it wasn't for Phil's enthusiasm for my tunes I wouldn't be considering playing gigs again. Last year I was rehearsing about twice a week but after the disappointment of the arrangements at Bosworth last August (and only doing a couple of gigs that year) I decided to just concentrate on writing and recording songs. So since last August until this summer I haven't been rehearsing any of my songs. This may help to explain why three Legendary Ten Seconds' albums have been released during this period of time. There's another one we've actually finished as well which Lord Zarquon has called Instrumental Legends but I think he's forgotten that it needs an album cover. The intention was to create the artwork using a collage of photos so I must discuss this the next time I see Lord Zarquon. * Editors note "Yes you must ha ha Lord Z"

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