18th August 2019

18th August 2019

Lord Zarquon came over on Monday evening and I forgot to discuss the Instrumental Legends album. Hopefully he will read this blog and remember that he needs to sort out the album cover! (Editor note As well as all the other jobs he has arranging, mixing, mastering, writing and playing keyboard parts, Bass guitar parts and generally sorting out and making good the huge amount of material Sir Ian keeps producing ha ha!!!)

We somehow ended up talking about other things for ages, mainly about an old friend who has an incredible musical talent yet seems content to keep it in a room in his house and strangle it himself with both hands. Also talked about care in the community or lack of it.

We have however started to make some real progress with the History Book Part Two album with the songs Driverless Cars and Knights of a King completed. I've written and partly recorded loads of songs for this album and as usual probably too many!!

Had a very interesting evening on Tuesday which was quite enjoyable despite seeing Torquay United lose at Plainmoor to Maidenhead United. This was the second home fixture of the new season but I missed the first one because I was at a wedding. I thought Torquay looked very good and the scoreline flattered the away side so I am not disheartened, it was just one of those games. I normally go to Plainmoor with my disabled friend Jerry Brimicombe as his carer but is wheelchair is out of action at the moment so I went on my own. However I bumped into Andy Perry who I haven't seen for ages and sat with him and he said we can sit with another friend who was there.... the one and only Steve Honeywill. Now one day I will tell you about how many times Steve and myself have shared and laughed so much about our private jokes. The Legendary Ten Seconds is one of them. Steve his quite a character. I will never forget the journey down to Plymouth to see the Cure gig and meeting Steve for the first time.

Now then I must tell you about Andy Perry. He used to write articles about bands for a Sherborne based fanzine called Feeding the Fish and his Dad used to own the Livermead House Hotel in Torquay. He witnessed the 2-2 draw at Plainmoor in 1977 against Cambridge United when Torquay United entered the Guinness book of records for scoring the fastest own goal. What most people don't know is that Torquay managed to score all four goals in this game. We talked about this on Wednesday evening and about the book he wrote with John Lydon. I've seen it a few times in HMV and I really must get around to reading it. Here is a link to the book on John Lydon's website:-


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