1st September 2019

1st September 2019 

Lord Zarquon came over on Monday and he gave me the finished master of the new version of my song about the Richard III Society. It differs from the original version which is on our first Ricardian album because it features the recording that I made several years ago of Camilla Joyce singing some of the lyrics. 

Lord Zarquon played me a new keyboard part he has recorded for the Gallant's Bower song and we've decided that my singing on the song needs to be different so I will have to have a think about that.

On Saturday morning I had a very nice walk with Elaine and our friends Phil and Debby Helmore in Babbacombe. In the afternoon I went to Plainmoor with Jerry Brimicombe and unfortunately we witnessed Torquay United losing 2-1 against Hartlepool. Another weekend ruined!!! Just as I was about to leave my house to go over to Babbacombe to take Jerry to the football match, I found that the September 2019 issue of the Ricardian Bulletin had arrived in the post and I was very pleased to see that there is a positive review of the History Book Part One album on page 32. Included with the magazine is the Richard III Society mail order catalogue, issue number 17 which includes 7 Legendary Ten Seconds albums and takes up the whole of page 10.

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