22nd September

22nd September 2019 

It was my son's wedding yesterday. It hardly seems that long ago that he was born. Where do all the years go? It seems that as I get older the years seem to go by so much more quickly. I must admit that yesterday was quite emotional at times and I am now feeling completely exhausted!

We arrived at Holy Angels church in Chelston early in the morning. A few minutes later on the other side of the road Lord Zarquon arrived on his motor bike wearing his Karate gear. Turns out he was giving a Karate lesson in the church hall opposite to Holy Angels church that morning. I had a brief chat with him and he told me that he had finished the 'Man who Evolved' song so I am now looking forward to hearing the final version of this recording.

After the church marriage service finished we then moved on to the Berry Head hotel in Brixham. Photos were taken of the happy couple with various members of the family including the bride's father who had come all the way from Russia. He must have been feeling tired as it had taken him about two days to travel from Nizhny Novgorod to arrive in Torquay at about 4 pm on Friday the day before the wedding.

Before the afternoon meal we heard three very entertaining speeches which included John Bessant mentioning Quicksilver Messenger Service. Shortly after the meal I told John that I never expected that band to be mentioned in a wedding speech.

In the evening the Estuary Buoys played two excellent sets of songs and in between various friends and family performed some songs. Tom was the compere and he said the the performances after the Estuary Buoys had played their first set, and before their second, was called amateur hour! Having said that Emma Matthews in particular sounded amazing with her singing. 

This was definitely one of the highlights of the evening. The Estuary Buoys played lots of songs that I particularly liked and this was not surprising as I had given them a long list of songs that I wanted to hear them perform. Probably the best ones were their renditions of 'Apache' and 'Paint it Black’. 

The later song was one that I would have liked to have requested but I felt that it wasn't appropriate for a wedding. So although I knew it was a song that they sometimes played and one which I particularly like I hadn't included it in my list. I said this to Phil Swann after they had finished their second set ( which included so many encores that I lost count ) but I also told him that it sounded great.

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