2nd January 2022

2nd January 2022

Just before Christmas I did some recording for two old traditional folk songs, one is called My Thing is My Own. I have changed some of the words and I am calling it Her Thing is Her Own. I hope Lord Zarquon will like it.

Next came a young fellow, a notable spark With green bag and inkhorn, a Justice's clerk He pulled out his warrant and looked quite sincere But she sent him away with a flea in his ear. A Master of Music came with an intent To give her a lesson on her instrument She thanked him for nohing, and bid him be gone For her little fiddle should not be played on Now here she could reckon a hundred and more Besides all the Gamesters recited before That made their addresses in hopes of a snap But young those she was she escaped every trap

I have recently scanned some things from one of my old scrap books dating back to 1982. There is some nice memorabilia about the local music scene in Torbay in that year. Here is an old poster for a couple of gigs in December 1982. One of these was at the Palk Arms when the landlord complained that the bass guitar was making his beer glasses rattle during the sound check. He said that there was no bass guitar on the Chapter 29 cassette we had given him.

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