LTS Devon Roses R16

Devon Roses. Catalogue number R16 Produced by Lord Z

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The lady singers of the Legendary Ten Seconds

Elaine Churchward vocals

Jules Jones vocals

Pippa West vocals

Bridgit England vocals

Violet Sheer backing vocal on Wife to the Kingmaker

Fleur Elliott backing vocal on Act of Accord

The minstrels of the Legendary Ten Seconds

Ian Churchward guitars, mandolin, mandola and keyboards

Lord Zarquon keyboards, bass guitar, drums and percussion

Phil Swann mandolin and 12 string acoustic guitar on The Walk of Shame

Ashley Dyer trumpet on Wife to the Kingmaker

Rob Bright lead guitar on How do you Rebury a King

  1. Fatal Match - a song about the marriage of Henry VI to Margaret of Anjou
  2. Charm and Grace - the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville
  3. Kings of England - a song about Henry VII's wife
  4. Less Fortunate Than Fair - a song about Cecily of York, the daughter of Edward IV
  5. The Duke of York's Wife - a song about Richard III's mother
  6. Sanctuary - a song about the birth of Edward V
  7. The Walk of Shame - a song about Elizabeth Lambert, mistress of Edward IV
  8. The Minstrels did Play - Christmas 1484 in the court of King Richard III
  9. How do you Rebury a King ( 2018 version ) - about the reburial of Richard III 
  10. Eleanor Talbot - a very sad song about Eleanor Talbot
  11. The Month of May - a song about the events in London in May 1483
  12. Act of Accord - a song about the defeat of Richard Duke of York at the battle of Wakefield
  13. Her Household Requires - a song about the household of Elizabeth of York
  14. I Greet you Well - correspondence between the Duke of Gloucester and his sister Margaret
  15. Wife to the Kingmaker - inspired by a novel written by Sandra Heath Wilson
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