LTS History Book - Part 2 R301

History Book (Part 2). Catalogue number R301 Produced by Lord Z © 2019

Track List

  1. Song of a metal detectorist - About Ashley Mantle's favourite hobby.
  2. A rare romance - Roger Mortimer escapes from the Tower of London and flees to France.
  3. Cade's rebellion - The rebellion of 1450. 
  4. De Cobham - Song for the De Cobham household Wars of the Roses reenactment group.
  5. Ricardian dream – Alternative history in which Richard III defeats Henry Tudor in battle.
  6. Charles Howard's English fleet - The English fleet after the defeat of the Spanish Armada. 
  7. The Mayflower sets sail - The Pilgrim Fathers leave Plymouth in the Mayflower.
  8. Gallants Bower - Song about the Civil War fort on the hill above Dartmouth castle.
  9. The Blenheim song - The Franco-Bavarian army is defeated in battle in August1704.
  10. James Templer's legacy - Song about the Stover canal which was opened in 1792.
  11. Sitting in a trench - Song about the First World War.
  12. Wait until the harvests in – The Munich treaty peace talks are in vain.

Recorded in Torbay at Rock Lee, Rainbow Starshine and Otherworld studios from 2013 to 2019 Produced by Lord Z

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