Strange Red Earth Cave - R1

©1996 Cave: Catalogue number R1 Produced by Strange Red Earth

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Track List

1. Earth Calling
2. Spirit World
3. Rainmaker
4. Blackwater
5. The Pit
6. Cody Banyan
7. Counter Culture
8. Waves
9. Cathu Bodva
10. Dead Crow Town
11. Radium
12. Limbo of the Also-Rans

Produced and mixed by Strange Red Earth at Blackroom Studios, Devon © 1996 Scabwort Music

Recorded in The Black Room.

All songs composed by Strange Red Earth


Preacher Dog: Vocals, guitars and percussion programming.

Jon Blackstone: Bass guitar and percussion programming.

Lord Z:  keyboards

The Earth Mothers: Backing vocals.

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