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Richard the Third Records, catalogue number R40

Recorded 2017 & 2018 except King in the Car Park 2018 version recorded in 2013 and 2018. All songs composed by Ian Churchward except The Green Knight composed by Sandra Heath Wilson and Ian Churchward, The Conqueror's Prophecy composed by Ashley Mantle and Ian Churchward, Who Layeth There composed by John Dike and Ian Churchward and The King in the Car Park composed by Ian and Elaine Churchward.Recorded by Ian Churchward and Lord Zarquon in Torbay and mixed & produced by Lord Zarquon at Otherworld Studios.


Ian Churchward vocals, guitars, ukulele, mandolin and mandola

Lord Zarquon keyboards, mellotron ghosts, bass guitar and drums

Jules Jones vocals on The Green Knight and When They Came to Edinburgh

Jackie Hudson chorus vocal on Back in Time

Elaine Churchward backing vocal on The Conqueror's Prophecy and spoken words on Who Layeth There

Rob Bright lead guitar solo on When They Came to Edinburgh

Ashley Dyer trumpet on For the Harringtons

Fleur Elliott backing vocals on The Treachery of Sir William 

Pippa West backing vocal and tambourine on the Beaufort Companye

Lis Durham violin on The Beaufort Companye

Artwork created by Graham Moores.

Track list

  1. Back in Time ( a song covering the end of the ice age to the dark ages in England )
  2. The Green Knight ( a tale of Gawain )
  3. Senlac Ridge ( about the battle of Hastings in 1066 )
  4. The Conqueror's Prophecy ( a song about Henry I )
  5. The Lost Ring ( a song about medieval times )
  6. Marcher Freemen ( an instrumental )
  7. When They Came to Edinburgh ( the English campaign in Scotland in 1482 )
  8. For the Harringtons ( a song for the Harringtons who supported Richard III )
  9. The Treachery of Sir William ( a song of treachery in August 1485 )
  10. Who Layeth There ( the mystery of the Edward V stained glass window in Coldridge )
  11. The Beaufort Companye ( a song for the Beaufort reenactment group )
  12. The King in the car Park 2018 version ( CD bonus track )
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