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This new concept album by The Legendary Ten Seconds gives us an excellent window into the history of this noble and mighty Mortimer family, its roots and heritage told and sung by the talented Ian Churchward. Listening to this album is like reading great historical fiction and being taken back in time.

The album has songs about the Marcher Lords, Roger De Mortimer, Simon De Montfort and the battle of Evesham, Maude and King Stephen, and also tells us about follies and treachery, honour and pride, executions, gifts, special places, and kings and the nobility. Spanning four centuries, it’s about events known, but often forgotten and that’s quite an undertaking to put together. 

John Challis starts the album with a short narration about the songs which then quickly leads into an excellent instrumental. There are brief and interesting narrations between all of the songs. There are no shortages of highlights of songs - Mortimer Castle, with its beautiful harmonies, Marcher Lords with its wonderful melody and rhythm, Two Thousand Marks is an awesome, lively song, Leintwardine is pure poetry and Mer De Mort II is just beautiful. Music that is story-telling at its best, often combined with a catchy rhythm, the exciting use of different string instruments, percussions, beautiful harmonies and a sound with a very special flair and feel.

The tireless work that was put into the making of this project has turned an idea into crafting of some witty songs with an entertaining mix of history and wonderful music to form a special and timeless new album. Surely it has something to please everyone.—reviewed by Elke Paxson USA branch of the Richard III Society, Ricardian Register, March 2019.

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