11th April 2021

11th April 2021

A small section of music recorded for the Mer de Mort album has been used to introduce the following recent Mortimer History Society lectures:-

Dr Sean Cunningham: The Battle of Mortimer's Cross and its Political Legacy in the Fifteenth Century.


Steve David:The Mortimer Retinue 1451-1469


Anthony Rich TD: “Mortimer’s Cross 1461 – The Elusive Battlefield”


I instantly recognised my mandola and the sound of Lord Zarquon's keyboards when I started watching the introdction to one of the lectures but I didn't recognise the tune. I then asked Lord Z to listen to it on you tube and he didn't recognise it either and we then began to wonder if perhaps it hadn't been recorded by us. I then decided to listen to the Mer de Mort album to see if I could find it on the album. I thought that perhaps it was the introduction to one of the songs but I eventually found that it is taken from the middle instrumental section of The Round Table 1279:-


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