25th April 2021

25th April 2021

There is a song about Perkin Warbeck on one of my Ricardian albums which I wrote several years ago while on holiday in Scotland. Last Sunday I finished writing a second song about this pretender to the English throne.

At the Gates of Exeter

A young pretender to the throne

His real name is still not known

Came to the West Country with intent

A warning to the Tudor king was sent

He raised his standard at Penzance

Towards Exeter he would advance

Gathering supporters along the way

He was Richard of York some do say

At the gates of Exeter he arrived

And to force an entrance he duly tried

Attacks on the North and East gates failed

The defence of Exeter prevailed

I have also started to scan some old photos of the Torbay music scene of the early 1980s. Here is a photo of Jerry Brimicombe and me about to set off for our second Chapter 29 gig in early 1982.

Ian and Jerry C29 1982

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