15th November 2020

15th November 2020

I happened to see Phillip King in the shopping precinct of St Marychurch on Saturday, the previous weekend. He told me that an American lady had purchased a copy of the Torbay Pageant album from the museum shop. Mind you they won't be selling many copies for the rest of this month as the museum is closed again due to the latest covid 19 lockdown. I know Phillip from the recording sessions that I did for Renaissance Folk a few years ago. Phillip played some percussion for this folk music band. This is also how I came to know Fleur Elliott who was one of the singers and she has since sung on some of my song recordings. I didn't sing or play any instruments at the Renaissance Folk recording sessions, instead I was recording them in the basement of my house.

Like myself Fleur is a Torquay United supporter. I would imagine that she is also very disappointed that our team managed to give away a two goal lead twice in last Sunday's 5-6 defeat in the FA cup. It was pure agony to watch the late goals that were conceded in injury time although I have got used to watching the games live via my computer while the football is played in an empty stadium.

Here is a link to the match


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