22nd December 2019

22nd December 2019 

This week I finally got around to changing all of the 12 strings on my Rickenbacker electric guitar. The last time I did this I changed 6 of the strings and then couldn't face changing the other 6 and that must have been a few years ago! In fact the guitar was down to 11 strings because one of the top E strings had broken and all of the other strings were very rusty. To prepare myself for the great string change I watched a tutorial on youtube on how to restring a 12 string Rickenbacker guitar:-


At the beginning of the tutorial Terry of the Guitar Works Ltd ( Illinois ) says “Today we're going to do the most daunting restring that there ever will be for any guitar player and that's a Rickenbacker 12 string”. This confirmed what I had often suspected having owned my Rickenbacker for about 19 years. The tutorial is great and showed the easiest way to change the strings, most of which I had previously already worked out for myself through trial and error. Mind you changing all the strings this time still took me 4 hours and I wouldn't recommend it as something to do for the faint-hearted.

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