7th July 2019

7th July 2019

Just got back from a very interesting holiday in Kent. I had no guitar, internet or TV so I read two books and went to lots of interesting places. I mentioned one of the books in my blog last week. Well I can't recommend it to fans of Richard III, he seemed to be a true hero until half way through the book you find out that he is really a villain. The section where Hastings gets executed was most upsetting. There is a long list of the fairly well known fictional crimes of Richard III as detailed in this novel called Queen of Silks by Vanora Bennet:-

Involved in the murder of the son of Henry VI after the battle of Tewkesbury.

Yes he did kill Henry VI in the tower of London

Yes he did kill his brother the Duke of Clarence

Makes up a plot that he was going to be ambushed and killed by the Woodvilles so that he can use this as an excuse to arrest Lord Rivers near Stony Stratford.

Makes up a plot of treason so that he can execute his friend Lord Hastings

Poisons his wife so that he can try to arrange a marriage with his niece 

But despite all of this he didn't murder the Princes in the tower! 

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